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A firefighter waits for the flow of water as a fire in Ybor City  burns out of control Friday May 19, 2000.  It went up like logs on a bonfire. When flames licked the wooden frames of the apartments in The Park at Ybor City, it touched off a blaze that quickly destroyed the apartment complex and, a short time later, a nearby post office. Firefighters battled the inferno - and their exhaustion - for hours. When it was over, five city blocks were leveled at a cost of about $40 million. ( Ybor City Inferno - Camden Property Trust - Apartments , Six-Alarm Fire )   JAY NOLAN - TRIBUNE PHOTO  (10/06/00 -- The Fire on May 19 was very similar to an Ybor fire 100 years prior.  Both are the subject of a new book, "Forged in Fire".)